Chapter 484 Then Be Good

Back in the car, Jiang Sese didn't feel very good.

Had she acted too harshly?

Why did she feel so unhappy seeing Jiang Zhen's slightly bent figure?

She couldn't stand his appearance as he tried to curry favor with her.

Rather than that, he should have hit and scolded her. After all these years, she was long used to that.

But now that they changed positions, Jiang Sese felt like she was the bad person.

Jin Fengchen could see that Jiang Sese was upset so he asked, "Sese, what did your father say?"

A bitter smile tugged on the corners of Jiang Sese's lips as she lowered her eyes slightly and said, "It's nothing much. He apologized for the past and wants me to forgive him."

Her eyes landed on the supplements Jiang Zhen had forced on her and her clear eyes darkened slightly.

"Don't you think it's funny? In the past, that person always looked down on me. Now that I'm pregnant, he knows how to show fatherly love. He even brought me things. A father was something I didn't even dare to
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