Chapter 485 I Won't Show You Mercy When You Come Out

Jin Fengchen heard the teasing in his brother's tone and he couldn't hold back rolling his eyes.

"You don't need to feel lucky; you'll probably be worse in the future."

"How could that be!" Jin Fengyao immediately denied it.

Patting his chest, he decisively said, "I am confident that I won't follow in your footsteps! In the future, it'll definitely be Song Qingwan looking after me!"

Looking after somewhere in such a face-losing way was not in his style.

"Heh." Jin Fengchen laughed dismissively.

"What? You don't believe me? How about we make a bet?"

Jin Fengyao felt like he was being doubted and felt somewhat angry, so he walked forward to reason with his brother.

"Idiot," the word jumped out of Jin Fengchen's mouth. He couldn't be bothered to make such a childish bet.

His slender body moved and he walked into the study. Turning his hand around, he decisively closed the door.

Outside the door, Jin Fengyao howled with anger...

The next day, Jin Fengchen went to the company ear
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