Chapter 492 Sour for a Boy, Spicy for a Girl

"Why don't I dare? She wants to hurt my daughter, so I want her dead!" Shen Shulan shouted.

Jiang Zhen abruptly grew quiet. His expression was incomparably dispirited.

"Why was it like this? Things shouldn't be like this. Did I do something wrong?"

He had always protected these two people. What were they truly like?

Jiang Zhen quietly sat on the ground, speechless. In an instant, he seemed to have aged a decade.

After a while, he glanced at Shen Shulan and slowly said, "I was the blind one who mistook you for something that you aren't."

With that, he dragged his heavy body to the study and closed the door behind him.

Shen Shulan had been like a battle-ready chicken, prepared to argue with Jiang Zhen, but now she paused.

"What did Jiang Zhen mean?

"Didn't see them for who they really were? Did he regret it? Did he not want to look after them anymore?"

Shen Shulan immediately panicked. "No, this can't happen. Nuannuan and I only have Jiang Zhen to depend on."

If he didn't look
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