Chapter 493 Smash Everything!

In some ways, Jiang Zhen loved Shen Shulan deeply.

However, his affections had been given to one who was unworthy of it.

And had caused his own daughter great harm.

Hearing that it was Shen Shulan responsible, Jiang Sese abruptly exited Jin Fengchen's embrace.

Sparks flashed across her eyes and she ground her teeth. "Her again!"

"You can't be angry right now."

Jin Fengchen gently patted her back, soothing her anger.

In his heart, he was completely done with the Jiang Family. If he could, he would kick the entire family out of Jiang Sese's life.

To stop them causing trouble every other day.

Jiang Sese's face was flushed with anger.

"I've never fought her for anything. I don't understand why she has always targeted me."

Jiang Sese clenched her hands into fists and her voice was filled with rage.

Jin Fengchen hurriedly soothed her, "It's all her fault. She will receive her just deserts."

If heaven didn't take care of this, he would deliver it. Coldness emanated from Jin Fengc
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