Chapter 494 To Each Their Own When Disaster Strikes

After coming to an agreement, Jiang Zhen led the people to the underground garage.

With pained reluctance, he handed the keys to them and finally saw them leave.

Once they left, he charged angrily back into the house.

Shen Shulan was ordering the servants to clean up. Seeing him, it was like a mouse seeing a cat.

Seeing her like this, Jiang Zhen felt even angrier. With an ashen expression, he shouted coldly, "Come here!"

Shen Shulan didn't dare to hesitate and obediently came.

The two of them went into the study.

Jiang Zhen slammed the door shut, making Shen Shulan tremble.

Slamming a heavy hand onto the table, Jiang Zhen roared at Shen Shulan in rage, "You're more daring by the day. How are you meddle in high-interest loans!"

"Husband, I'm sorry. I know I did wrong. I really do. Please show me mercy this time!"

Shen Shulan rubbed her hands in fright as she looked tearfully at Jiang Zhen.

"Don't use this trick, it doesn't work anymore. If I knew today would be like this, I s
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