Chapter 503 My Mom Has Regained Her Consciousness?

After discussing the details, they left Lafine's studio.

Jiang Sese was still treading on air as she held a macaron given by Lafine in her right hand and was presently nibbling it.

With Jin Fengchen clasping her other hand, the two of them strolled along the street romantically.

Emerald green leaves swayed in the breeze, making rustling noises which sounded like a melodious tune.

Under such a picturesque setting, Jiang Sese slowly began to outline the wedding dress in her mind.

While imagining how she would look wearing the wedding dress, the corners of her mouth involuntarily curled up.

An urgent ringtone pulled her wandering train of thoughts back to reality.

Jin Fengchen was carrying her bag and took out the phone when he heard the sound.

"Who is it?"

Jiang Sese leaned over and asked out of curiosity.

"I don't know. It's a call made from a landline telephone."

Jin Fengchen gently touched the screen with his slender and long finger as he slid the button to pick up the call
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