Chapter 504 I Hope You Will Like Me

Seeing Fang Xueman like this, Jiang Sese asked very nervously, "Mom, what's wrong?"

Jin Fengchen had already risen and ran out to summon medical personnel.

Shortly, the sickroom door was pushed open and medical personnel came in to take a look.

"The patient is just overly tired. There were great fluctuations in her emotions, and her body couldn't handle it for the moment. This is very normal. I'll have to ask the family to leave now."


Jiang Sese was reluctant to let go of her mother's hand.

She had just arrived; she didn't want to leave so quickly.

Naturally, Jin Fengchen knew what she was thinking. Rubbing her head, he softly said, "Sese, we'll let mom rest first. We'll come to see her again tomorrow; you just got off the plane, and your body can't handle this."

Fang Xueman moved her finger and said encouragingly, "Sese, listen to Fengchen. Now that I'm awake, you can come whenever you want. Go home first and have some rest!"

"All right then."

Jiang Sese reluctantly
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