Chapter 505 You Don't Remember Me Anymore?

After coming out of the doctor's office, Jiang Sese took Jin Fengchen's hand and swung it. Then she happily said, "Just one year. This is great, right?"

Nothing could make her happier than her mother's recovery.

Jin Fengchen held up her hand and put it to his lips to kiss it gently. He nodded with deep emotion and said, "Mhm, after a year, it'll be right when our child is born. Mom will also be there. At that time, we'll have a grand wedding. Everything fits perfectly."

The two of them were standing very close. Jin Fengchen's large figure enveloped her, shadowing her to her brows.

His gentle breaths and touching words swept over her life feathers, tickling her.

Raising her eyes to meet his, they saw a spark of a raging fire and the clear reflections in each other's eyes.

Caught up in the powerful emotions, Jin Fengchen bent down and his handsome face moved closer and closer to her tender lips.

Jiang Sese leaned against the wall and her entire body felt like jelly. She unconsciou
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