Chapter 506 If Something Unusual Happens, There Must Be a Reason

When they had met on the island before, Katherine had been a bit lifeless.

Now, she seemed like a completely different person; capable and experienced.

Compared to Jiang Sese's delighted surprise, Jin Fengchen's reaction was much more subdued.

He thought for a while before finally finding such a character vaguely in his memories.

If not for that fact that he was with Sese, he wouldn't have remembered such a person.

There wasn't a shred of emotion in Jin Fengchen's eyes. On the contrary, he stared warily at the woman in front of them. "So, why are you here? Do you need something?"

If something unusual happens, there must be a reason.

He didn't believe that this woman had come to find them for no reason.

Jin Fengchen's icy tone made Katherine disappointed. She forced a smile and said, "After you left, I recovered my memory and remembered what happened in the past. My name is Katherine. I've come especially to thank you for saving my life. I looked for you for a long time before f
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Marie Pierre
Why didn’t she ask her husband before taking that woman into their home. Too much carelessness from Sese

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