Chapter 509 Followed

Over the following days, Katherine didn't appear again at the Jin home.

One day, Jiang Sese suddenly realized it and casually asked Jin Fengchen, "Katherine hasn't been over in a few days, which's a bit strange. Did something happen to her?"

She used to come over every day, and now that she had suddenly stopped, Jiang Sese wasn't used to it.

Jin Fengchen's expression didn't change at all. His slender fingers moved as he took off his tie.

"Why is that strange? It's strange that she came every day," he said in a light tone, but Jiang Sese thought he sounded peculiar.

She huffed lightly to herself, "Must be because you were too mean last time and scared her."

Jin Fengchen looked at his naive wife and felt very worried.

His throat moved, and he quickly walked over to pull Jiang Sese down onto his lap. "I forgot to tell you that Katherine quit the day before yesterday."

He spoke slowly, taking in Jiang Sese's reaction.

"Why? Didn't she just join the company not long ago?" Jiang Ses
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