Chapter 516 God Works in Mysterious Ways

At the mention of the Jiang Family, Jiang Sese's fingers involuntarily trembled slightly.

Upon seeing this, Fang Xueman grasped her hand and asked, "Sese, what did he do? Tell me."

Jiang Sese let out a murmur of assent and spoke slowly. "At that time, the Jiang Family wanted to merge with the Lan Family, but Grandpa transferred all his shares to me. Thus, Jiang Zhen resorted to all kinds of ways to take them away from me."

"How dare he do that?" Fang Xueman was shocked and angry at the same time.

Jiang Sese nodded, but she did not feel anything in her heart.

As they brought this up now, Jiang Sese was already so numb to it that she talked about it as if it was just a normal incident.

When Fang Xueman listened to what Jiang Sese said, her heart ached terribly.

Her daughter was being subjected to such unfair treatment, yet she could not help her at all.

The rim of Fang Xueman's eyes turned red, and burning hot tears streamed down.

"Sese, my Sese, it must have been hard for you."
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