Chapter 518 Embarrassing

As Shen Shulan thought about Jiang Sese and her mother, her thoughts became disordered and she appeared inattentive to her surroundings.

Like a zombie, she followed behind him in a daze.

She was still wondering what Jiang Zhen would do next.

When Jiang Zhen came out of the hospital, he had a sense that something wasn't right.

However, he didn't draw attention to it. He climbed into the car without a word.

After the driver started the engine, Jiang Zhen stared fixedly into the rearview mirror.

After a moment, his sight locked on to a taxi driving behind him. Frowning, he said, "That car behind us, I think it's been following us since we left the hospital."

The driver's gaze followed his line of sight, and he also noticed something strange.

Jiang Zhen's expression was dark. His eyes grew cold while he thought of the shadow he had blurrily seen.

In a low voice, he ordered, "Go into the alley on the left to test them."

The driver nodded and changed lanes at the last minute.

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