Chapter 521 You’ll Have Plenty of Chances for Your Revenge

Her eyes seemed to have turned a dark shade of black as she looked out of the window at the dark sky outside.

After a while, Zifeng took out her phone and dialed a foreign number.

The call soon went through; it was one of her loyal followers.

They were in charge of keeping watch over Jiang Nuannuan abroad.

"Put the woman on the phone."

The person did as he was told, and Zifeng heard footsteps coming from the phone.

Soon, Jiang Nuannuan's scream rang out.

"Let go of me! What are you doing?!"

Fear was written all over Jiang Nuannuan's face as the others pressed her down on the chair.

"Hello, Second Young Miss Jiang, how have you been? I see that you're as irascible as ever. It seemed that you've learned nothing from the lessons we've been teaching you."

Jiang Nuannuan paled with fear when she heard Zifeng's grim voice on the other end.

She immediately raised her guards and tried to scare Zifeng off with her bluffing.

"You crazy woman! Let me go! My parents will make you pay f
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Rose SB
Yes, you missed something... it’s right under your nose. Zifeng!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
Zifeng, you’re playing with fire. You know that too...
goodnovel comment avatar
A dark shade of black? What?? Black is absence of color; black has no shades.

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