Chapter 53 The Shenanigans of a Drunken Man

It was a kiss that lasted so long that anyone would have lost track of time.

Jiang Sese felt herself drowning in the embarrassment that came in hot waves in the tightly enclosed compartment.

"But wait. We cannot go on. This is the carpark! We could be seen!"

With as much strength as she could muster, Jiang Sese pushed Jin Fengchen away.

They pulled back. Jiang Sese was left panting hard for breath, her mind still reeling in confusion before her consciousness finally returned.

Jin Fengchen began to realize that he had lost control. But the die had been cast; he had kissed her. What else could he do? Jiang Sese would surely be enraged when she recovered her wits. She might just leave him here alone!

And so indeed, Jiang Sese was flustered in a fury when she finally regained her senses. She had offered to drive him home out of kindness, and yet he had kissed her abruptly!

Seething, Jiang Sese spun on her heels to face the man who had just basically defiled her, her nostrils flaring
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Nat nat
I’m dying to know if she’s his mother
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Rose SB
She's sitting in the bed with him.
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Honey Humabad Magno

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