Chapter 532 Why Does She Have to Turn Herself In?

After Jiang Nuannuan listened to Zifeng's plan, her frown disappeared and she decided to go and see Jiang Zhen first thing in the morning.

In the evening, North City finally rained a bit after a day shrouded with clouds.

The sound of the rain grew stronger because it started to pour. The raindrops were heavy and dense. As they struck the ground, a crisp pitter-patter sound could be heard.

The air was infused with the smell of the earth, which was slightly irritating.

It rained all night and only stopped when the sun started to rise.

The sky was slit open by a red light, and the stale air became freshened up a bit.

Jiang Zhen got up early in the morning. When he went downstairs, he saw the helper who came to the house to clean, who greeted him. "Good morning, sir."

Jiang Zhen nodded in response, which was a signal for the helper to continue working.

Jiang Zhen put on a coat and went outside at a slow pace.

He now lived in a small mansion in the suburb.

Far away from the hustle
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