Chapter 533 Baited

Jiang Zhen felt bad listening to his daughter's words.

He patted Jiang Nuannuan's head and said brokenheartedly, "Of course. I'll go and prepare a proper meal for you. You just wait here."


Jiang Nuannuan gave him a sweet smile.

After Jiang Zhen turned around and entered the kitchen, that smile became distorted and looked creepy.

She took out a small bottle of something from her pocket.

Jiang Nuannuan stood up, with that thing she got from Zifeng squeezed tightly in her palm.

She held it tightly in her fist.

"Dad, is there anything to drink? If not, I'll go out and buy something."

She craned her neck to shout in the direction of the kitchen.

Jiang Zhen was busy washing vegetables in the kitchen. He shouted in response after hearing her question, "There should be something. Check in the fridge."

Jiang Nuannuan was already standing by the fridge before he had finished his sentence.

She curled her lips, opened the door of the fridge, and took out a bottle of beverage.

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Rose SB
She always fall for the Okie doke! It’s tiring

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