Chapter 535 This Is Just the Start

"It looks like Jiang Nuannuan had suffered a bit.

"What hasn't changed is her personality."

Jiang Sese thought to herself while also thinking of how to deal with her.

She knew that she couldn't provoke her, not before Jin Fengchen got here.

Jiang Nuannuan sneered at her, seeing that she was in distress. "Jiang Sese, who would have thought that you'd end up like this?"

Jiang Sese asked a question instead of answering her, "When did you come back? I thought you went abroad."

"If the one who masterminded the kidnapping was Jiang Nuannuan, then everything would all add up.

"If she went to Jiang Zhen's place, he would be defenseless, which would make it very easy for her to get access to his phone.

"And I just walked into the trap without knowing anything.

"Jiang Nuannuan hasn't changed at all. She is still as selfish as before.

"She'd use her own father to get whatever she wants."

"I came back for you, my sister," Jiang Nuannuan said with sarcasm.

Jiang Sese said with caution a
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