Chapter 540 You Must Quickly Come and Pick Xiaobao up

With a deep sense of remorse and fear of losing her, he completely disregarded his own safety and rushed forward.


A forlorn, shrill cry resounded through the air, which was eventually drowned out among the gusts of chilly sea breeze.

Jin Fengyao was constantly on guard. Seeing this, he was startled and frightened as he screamed, "Quick, grab my brother!"

A group of people hurriedly ran toward Jin Fengchen, and several of them grabbed on to him together.

However, he was terrifyingly strong. When he was struggling, several people had already been flung out by him.

"Let go of me! Sese is going to sink soon!"

In Jin Fengchen's eyes, Jiang Sese was flailing about in the sea, and her small hands were continuously splashing water.

She desperately stretched her hand out toward him. He reached out to her with all his might, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not hold her.

Thus, he immediately wanted to jump in without a second thought.

In reality, among those who were t
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