Chapter 542 Crush Her Bones into Ashes

Jin Fengchen simply stood there like this without saying a word, ignoring everything that he heard.

"No, this is impossible. Sese must be alive."

Why was the whole world cursing Sese? Even his younger brother had put it this way.

Jin Fengchen straightened his back. His face was expressionless.

He opened his mouth and abruptly interrupted Jin Fengyao. "If all of you don't want to save her, I'll go and look for her myself."

As soon as he finished speaking, he strode forward.

Jin Fengyao was startled.

"He's going to find her? How? Even the professional rescue team already said that she's most likely dead. What's he planning to do?"

Just when Jin Fengyao was about to stop his brother, the person in front of him suddenly staggered. A big and tall figure fell to the ground with a loud thud, as though all the strength in this person's body had been drained out.

"I don't believe it. She'll be fine. She'll definitely come back."

Jin Fengchen growled in pain. All he could see was every
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