Chapter 544 Why Are You Here?

"I'll get the spare key," exclaimed a pale-faced Mrs. Jin as she turned to scramble down the stairs.

"It's too late. Just ram the door," muttered an irate Jin Fengyao through gritted teeth and he began charging at the door.

Only, the door swung open from the inside.

Jin Fengchen Jin appeared before them with a liquor bottle in his grasp, staggering, wobbly on his feet.

There was no light inside the bedroom and everything was dark inside.

A pitch-black and suffocating abyss.

He stood leaning against the door frame, his lean and handsome face now gaunt and shaggy.

And his entire person looking terribly crude and haggard.

A few days' growth of beard speckled his unshaven face with more fresh bristles budding out.

Knowing better than to comment or admonish him, Mrs. Jin dragged Jin Fengyao downstairs with her.

But Jin Fengyao couldn't take it any longer, and he retrieved Xiaobao a few days later.

If there was one last person who could manage to wrangle Jin Fengchen's attention n
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