Chapter 549 Her Name: Jiang Sese

Muffled talking buzzed from inside the study.


Gu Nian addressed with a low voice.

Jin Fengchen's hand paused, the pen resting carelessly between his fingers.

He looked up at Gu Nian, his eyes glowing with light from the lamps.

"You find anything?"

"Yes. We have an informant in a small town who reported sightings of a person whose characteristics match the person you're looking for. According to the report, she now lives in a town somewhere in the south of France. Do you want us to investigate?" Gu Nian said cautiously.

What calmness he could find from Jin Fengchen had all but disappeared.

Like a drop of water falling into the still surface of a quiet lake, a ripple broke out, growing larger and larger.

And from inside the man behind the desk, an angry rush of aura burst out.

His fingers wrapped tightly around his pen, threatening to snap it in half as his fingers went bloodless white.

For three years, in addition to looking around for Sese and developing his business,
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