Chapter 550 Find Dad, Eat Din-Din

In the blink of an eye, the girl had run up to her.

Jiang Sese hurriedly crouched down to catch her, afraid that she would fall.

Once the little girl was standing steadily, Jiang Sese tenderly slid a bent finger down her nose.

"You run so fast, little girl. Aren't you afraid of falling?"

The little girl nestled into Jiang Sese's arms. Hearing these words, she giggled.

Holding Jiang Sese's neck tightly, she rubbed her head against it and sweetly said, "Not afraid, not afraid. Mommy is to hold me."

Although she couldn't speak clearly, there was a lot of body language that expressed a great deal.

Her black eyes darted around cheekily. She had no fear because she knew there was someone to support her, and her performance demonstrated it brilliantly.

Jiang Sese shook her head with a smile.

She reached out a hand and gently patted the dust off of the little girl's body, then she picked her up.

She did her best to maintain a strict expression, wanting to teach her a lesson.

"You ar
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