Chapter 551 Pursuing Someone Successfully

At that time, Jiang Sese had been thoroughly soaked and had taken in a lot of seawater.

And adding in the hit on her head, her entire person was so weak that she was hanging on by a thread. She was at death's doorstep.

If not for the fact that there was someone with Fu Jingyun who knew first aid, she wouldn't have made it to the end of the ship's journey.

After taking Jiang Sese to the hospital for emergency treatment, she had remained unconscious for a month.

The doctor said that her mind had been impacted by the injury to her head.

And because of her pregnancy, the child's situation wasn't stable so the hospital didn't dare to use medicine without careful consideration.

They just kept her on nutrient fluids, maintaining her life.

Just when everyone thought that she wouldn't wake up again, like a miracle, Jiang Sese did awaken.

But after she woke up, her gaze was blank.

At that time, she looked at them and asked in confusion, "Why am I here?"

After Mrs. Fu described to Jiang
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