Chapter 554 Sibling's Reunion

Jiang Sese was just planning to give her a lecture when the little girl's stomach gurgled loudly.

Her anger immediately dissipated. It seemed that the little girl really was hungry.

She could only crouch down and help her tidy up her clothes. Nodding hopelessly, she agreed. "You can only have one small piece."

Hearing this, the little girl jumped up and down and clapped her hands with a broad smile. "Okay, okay, okay, let's go quickly."

Jiang Sese took her hand as they went to a sweet shop nearby that they often visited.

When the entered, the little girl's eyes lit up.

Taking big steps, she stopped in front of the display window. Unable to move, she looked excitedly at Jiang Sese.

"Mommy, Mommy, dis one, dis one. All of 'em."

Her eager expression made it impossible to refuse.

Jiang Sese followed her in with a smile and pointed at a few of the sweets the girl usually liked to eat to inform the server.

"Please help us package the ones she just pointed out. Don't put too much cr
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