Chapter 557 How Does It Feel to Be Used?

Tiny white teeth peaked out. The little girl's smile was unbelievably sweet, looking like an angel. It immediately melted one's heart.

Jin Fengchen's refusal got caught in his throat. He just couldn't say it.

The little girl blinked her big eyes and stared at Jin Fengchen, completely unafraid of the aura around him.

Just as Jin Fengchen was hesitating, the little girl smiled sweetly at him and stretched out her chubby hands as she babbled, "Daddy... pick up, pick up me..."

Everyone froze at these words, particularly Xiaobao.

He stared with wide eyes at Jin Fengchen, as if asking him when he had gotten a sister.

Jin Fengchen looked at the pipsqueak on the ground, and for some reason, he found her cute.

All these years, he hadn't had much contact with children other than Xiaobao. So when he saw the little girl, there was great objection in his heart.

But when he saw how lovable she was, his words of refusal got caught in his throat and he couldn't say them.

The little girl didn'
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