Chapter 558 Unable to Deal with One Little Girl

Even later, as Xiaobao grew up day by day and didn't like to eat cake as much, Jin Fengchen turned this place into a room for dessert.

Who would have thought that it would be put to use today?

Seeing the people still frozen where they were, Jin Fengchen indifferently said, "Dinner."

They finally returned to their senses and all headed to the dining room together.

Compared to their shock, Jin Fengchen didn't feel much.

Xiaobao followed eagerly behind Jin Fengchen to the dining room.

At the table, Jin Fengchen put the little girl into a child seat.

But the little girl demanded to sit beside Xiaobao and Jin Fengchen. Left with no choice, Jin Fengchen could only move her seat. Xiaobao followed suit and sat down beside the girl.

For dinner, Jin Fengchen purposely had the kitchen prepare foods that children could digest easily. There was a great variety.

Servants came over with pre-mixed rice and vegetables to feed the little girl.

However, when the girl saw that the person feeding
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