Chapter 560 I Just Want Daddy

Jin Fengchen glanced in askance at the gossiping Gu Nian and ordered in a low voice, "Enough, stop gossiping. Call everyone here, we're having a morning meeting soon."

Gu Nian nodded. He didn't dare to linger and left with his instructions.

After Gu Nian left, his tail at his feet mumbled, "Pick up, pick up..."

The little girl tilted her head and looked at Jin Fengchen pitifully with her bright and dark eyes. She stretched out her soft hands toward him, asking to be picked up.

As Jin Fengchen lowered his eyes, a tender light flashed unconsciously through them.

He bent down and picked up the girl with one hand and then sat down on the chair.

Her little hands wound themselves around Jin Fengchen's neck and fiddled restlessly with his tie.

Under the little girl's torment, his suit became wrinkled and creased.

The little girl babbled to herself and her saliva sporadically smeared over Jin Fengchen's white shirt.

In the past, the mysophobic Jin Fengchen would have worn a dark expre
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