Chapter 562 Going to Pick up Tiantian

Jiang Sese stared fixedly at the security footage.

When she saw the child, her eyes widened in shock.

Then she covered her face and sobbed. "It's Tiantian; there's no mistake."

She could recognize her daughter without needing to fully see her face.

Mrs. Fu held Jiang Sese and comforted her.

To prevent any mistake, the officer carefully asked again, "Are you sure? She's the child you lost?"

Fu Jingyun nodded certainly and said, "Yes, officer. We are sure. Where is daughter right now?"

Hearing this, the officer scratched his neck in embarrassment and awkwardly explained, "The child should have been kept at the station, but she was very unhappy about it. She insisted on going home with the people who found her. We saw that they meant her no harm, so we let them take her."

With these words, Fu Jingyun's expression immediately changed.

Jiang Sese's eyes got even wider. "Tiantian had been taken home by those people."

There were still undried tears on her face, and she was very worr
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