Chapter 563 Calling Everyone Daddy

Too much sorry and too much joy, combined with no food last night and a night of worry, made her body unable to go on.

She had already been running on fumes. Now that she knew her daughter was fine, her mental state relaxed and her body became weak.

She swayed and fell toward the ground.


Fu Jingyun watched as Jiang Sese fell like a feather.

His heart thudded and he hurried forward to catch her.

"Sese, what's wrong?"

He looked at Sese's face with a worried expression. He was at a complete loss.

To the side, Mrs. Fu came forward and pulled at her son. Urgently, she said, "Jingyun, what are you waiting for? Hurry and take her to the hospital!"

Hearing this, Fu Jingyun picked up Jiang Sese and rushed to the car.

They went as fast as possible to the nearest hospital.

When they arrived, Fu Jingyun followed the gurney and shouted as he ran, "Doctor, what's wrong with her? Why did she faint?"

The doctor felt his eardrums tremble and thought that there was something majorly
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Jessica Gainey
This is completely getting out of hand now!! You purposely made it so fengchen won’t see sese cause she’s in the hospital!! I’m done with this book. I have spent so much money already this is absolutely ridiculous!

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