Chapter 566 Touching a Sore Spot

Initially, Xiaobao felt a little timid, but after seeing how everyone welcomed them, this timidity quickly dissipated.

"Grandmother's little treasure. I've missed you to death. Let me have a good look at you."

With this, Mrs. Jin had Xiaobao turn in a circle. It was as if she wished she could bore holes into Xiaobao with her staring.

Seeing that Xiaobao was a lot sturdier than before, she couldn't hide the joy on her face.

To the side, Mr. Jin came over as well. Standing in front of Jin Fengchen, he didn't say anything, and they just shared a hug.

All their words were expressed to one another in this hug.

Jin Fengyao and Song Qingwan heard the news an hour later and hurried over.

When they came in, they found that the family was already sitting in the living room around the father and son.

Xiaobao was enjoying it immensely. He lay on the sofa and Mrs. Jin endlessly fed him tidbits of food.

The sound of the door opening rang out. Xiaobao was first to notice that it was Jin Feng
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