Chapter 567 Memories Rising

In a high-class restaurant of X Country.

Jiang Sese stood on the balcony enjoying the night air.

This feeling made her feel very satisfied.

She was able to come to X Country this time because Fu Jingyun's laboratory was having a conference soon here and thus they come there.

Hearing this news, Jiang Sese immediately expressed that she wanted to take Tiantian with her to look around.

These few years, she had always wanted to travel and experience the world, but she never had the time.

Such an opportunity was rare and she didn't want to miss it.

Naturally, Fu Jingyun had no objections and immediately agreed. He even said to consider it a family vacation.

They had already visited a number of tourist locations here and were enjoying themselves immensely.

Jiang Sese didn't seem like a tourist at all, instead, she seemed like a local. She fit in perfectly and there was no sense of unfamiliarity at all.

There seemed to be something leading her forward in this country, in this city.

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