Chapter 569 She's Definitely Your Illegitimate Daughter

Everyone listening suddenly understood. "So it's like this..."

Yet some people were still suspicious. Jin Fengchen was a cold-hearted person, not one to mind other people's business.

Even if you met your country folk overseas, the most you would do is take them to the police station.

No matter how one thought about it, specifically bringing someone home didn't fit with his personality.

Mr. Jin looked thoughtfully at his eldest son.

Hearing a denial, Mrs. Jin felt a faint disappointment.

Looking at the little girl's exquisite face, she sighed silently.

"What a pretty little girl. If she really is Fengchen's daughter, I could accept that."

To the side, Jin Fengyao made a fuss. "Wow, what a coincidence. Meeting overseas and at home. The world is so big, fate is really bringing you together."

Jin Fengchen glared at him and faintly said, "How can you say that with a straight face? Do you and Xiaobao have nothing better to do than to find children?"

In the end, they went in circles
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