Chapter 570 He Brought the Person Back

Fu Jingyun's words just now confirmed her suspicions.

Jiang Sese didn't speak for a long time. She still felt a faint pain in her head.

Noticing the pained look on her face, Fu Jingyun reached out to massage her.

After feeling a bit better, Jiang Sese pulled his hand aside.

Fu Jingyun watched her expression and probingly asked, "Sese, did you remember anything?"

Jiang Sese's eyes were filled with confusion as if working hard to remember something.

Suddenly, pain flashed across her face and she bit her lip tightly.

"If you can't remember, don't think about it." Fu Jingyun couldn't bear to see her suffering like this.

Jiang Sese shook her head and quietly said, "A man, very tall..."

Fu Jingyun didn't hear her clearly and moved closer. "What did you say?"

Jiang Sese was scared. A fog enveloped her bright eyes and she muttered, "I saw a man. I was familiar with this place, but I've never seen him before..."

She pointed at her heart.

Hearing this, Fu Jingyun's heart jumped, but
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Jessica Gainey
Now I’m just getting angry!! Stop the nonsense and let them see each other and live happily ever after already dam

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