Chapter 571 It's a Deal

"Mr. Jin, what a coincidence." Fu Jingyun greeted Jin Fengchen with a smile, but was a little surprised when he saw all the women in the room.

He found it rather inappropriate to intrude on the Jin Family like this.

"Daddy!" Tiantian called him happily, but she was restrained by the child seat and could only stay where she was.

The Jin Family all stopped eating when they saw Fu Jingyun.

Jin Fengchen gave him a nod. "It's such a coincidence, isn't it? I've only just come back from abroad."

"Is it? Me and my family, too." Fu Jingyun sounded amazed.

Talk about fate!

After exchanging some pleasantries, Fu Jingyun walked over to Tiantian, gently touched her cheek, and said softly, "Sweetheart, Daddy's here to take you back home."

Xiaobao was feeding a shrimp to Tiantian, whose cheeks were puffed out with all the food in her mouth.

She couldn't talk and could only look at Fu Jingyun.

Seeing all the grease around her mouth, Fu Jingyun tried to find something to wipe her mouth with.

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Rose SB
Hopefully, nothing will happen to Sese so that her, fengchen, and Xiaobao can reunite!! Tired of it dragging but vested

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