Chapter 572 A Football Team

Fu Jingyun and the little girl had already walked out of sight.

But Xiaobao still stuck his head out and kept looking in the distance, anxiously awaiting the return of the father and daughter.

"Come back inside. They've already left, and staring at the empty air won't bring them back. Do you really like the little girl that much?"

Putting down his chopsticks, Jin Fengyao walked over to Xiaobao and rubbed his head, amused by him.

Xiaobao turned around, pouting. He looked as reluctant to see the girl leave as his grandparents.

"I just like her."

"Xiaobao isn't alone. That girl is so adorable that she melts our hearts. How I wish that she was our granddaughter."

Holding Xiaobao in her arms, Mrs. Jin looked in the direction that the girl had left and sighed with emotion.

"That's right. She's so lovely. Come to think of it, she seems to run into us all the time. We would dote on her if she were ours."

The usually tough Mr. Jin chimed in and looked touched as well.

"How could anyon
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