Chapter 573 Meet Her in Person

"Come in."

While rubbing the bridge of his nose, Jin Fengchen looked up slightly at Gu Nian and asked, "What brings you here?"

Gu Nian's eyes shone with excitement as he spoke, and his voice trembled.

He stressed each word as he said, "Young Master, Young Master, w-we've found Jiang Nuannuan!"

Gu Nian couldn't stop smiling because he knew what that meant to Jin Fengchen. It was the most wonderful news.

He thought his blood was boiling when his subordinates came to him with this piece of information.

The next thing he knew, he was on his way to the Jin Family house to tell Jin Fengchen the good news.

As soon as he heard those words, Jin Fengchen's pupils contracted, and the next moment, the temperature in the study seemed to have dropped.

"Are you sure? Have they caught her?"

His Adam's apple quivered, and there was something very intimidating in his tone. He was holding the mouse so tightly that he could crush it in his hand.

Gu Nian reported to him a while ago that Jiang Nua
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