Chapter 576 Sese, I Miss You So Much

Men like these were able to live like normal people after Jin Fengchen took them under his wing, so naturally, they became very loyal to him.

Moreover, with everything they had seen in their previous profession, they were much better at handling such things.

After hearing the conversation between Jin Fengchen and Jiang Nuannuan, they had pretty much figured out what had happened to the pregnant woman.

Therefore, they had no sympathy for Jiang Nuannuan whatsoever.

Shortly after Jin Fengchen left the basement, the sound of a woman screaming rang out behind him, and it seemed to last forever.

However, it didn't assuage his anger at all.

"No pain Jiang Nuannuan suffers is going to bring Sese back.

"She's a murderer, and she deserves it!"

Before long, the screaming stopped.

Gu Nian came out afterward and reported to Jin Fengchen.

"Young Master, Jiang Nuannuan has passed out."

Jin Fengchen didn't seem disturbed and only said coldly, "Wake her up with cold water and find her a doct
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