Chapter 580 What If I Said No

However, Jin Fengchen was determined to keep her here. After all these years, he had finally seen her again, so of course, he wouldn't let her leave so easily.

"Sese, you can't leave me. I won't let you. Not in a million years."

Fu Jingyun had had enough of Jin Fengchen's stubbornness and had to brush his hand off. He spoke through gritted teeth. "Mr. Jin, you've been pushing my limits. Sese is my wife, and you must acknowledge that. If you say anything inappropriate again, I won't be this polite. Now please get out of my way and let us leave."

"What if I said no?"

Jin Fengchen was equally agitated. The mood felt intense, as though a fight could break out at any moment.

Both men were equally intimidating and imposing.

Everyone held their breath and feared that they might be somehow involved if they weren't helpful enough.

Seeing that a confrontation was about to break out, Master Old Qin came over to intervene.

"Fengchen, stop!"

Hearing the authoritative voice, Jin Fengchen tu
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Sussie Q
Dear writer, you are messing up the story line. You are making it too ridiculous!
goodnovel comment avatar
I love this story but sese better remember soon and her sister better get stomped
goodnovel comment avatar
I hate what the author did, how could she do that with Xiobau

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