Chapter 581 Go and Comfort Xiaobao

A breeze swept the ground and rippled across the cold night air.

Mrs. Jin raised her hand, indicating for the musicians to start playing.

An elegant cello performance slowly filled the room, masking the somber mood.

Song Qingwan and Jin Fengyao quickly returned to the main table after toasting their elders.

Jin Fengchen kept glancing in the direction where Jiang Sese had left in with unreadable emotions fermenting in his dark pupils.

Knowing the relationship between Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen, Song Qingwan's family dared not to say anything.

They lowered their gaze, looking conflicted.

After seeing this, Old Qin coughed and raised his withered hand.

He rapped the table in front of Jin Fengchen twice to draw his attention.

"What's wrong, Grandpa?" Jin Fengchen asked in a bitter voice, looking up.

Old Qin pointed to Jin Fengyao and Song Qingwan, indicating for him to look in that direction. He quietly told him, "Fengchen, I hope you remember what I just told you. Don't ruin th
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Desta Hoffman
This story line is getting drawn out get
goodnovel comment avatar
Sussie Q
Dear writer, please end the story. what happened to sese's mom, dad and zifeng? I'm sorry but you are messing up the story line. I'm done reading this story.

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