Chapter 582 We’re Returning to France Tomorrow

Mrs. Jin nodded after listening to her husband's words.

Song Qingwan held the glass of warm water to Xiaobao's mouth so that he could ease his throat. Xiaobao sipped some of the water before continuing to sob.

He had been crying ever since he had returned home, and his eyes were swollen red. His continued wailing made Song Qingwan's heart ache even more.

She coaxed him softly while patting his back.

Xiaobao's condition had evidently improved; he must have exhausted himself from all the crying.

His eyes were half-closed and he appeared to be in such a daze that he thought Song Qingwan was Jiang Sese.

He held tightly onto her hand and said through trembling lips, "Mommy, don't leave me behind."

Song Qingwan patiently replied, "Don't worry, Mommy won't leave Xiaobao behind..."

After seeing that Xiaobao was about to fall asleep, she turned to look at the people behind her. "I'll keep Xiaobao company tonight. He feels deeply insecure now."

Mrs. Jin nodded and said with a sense of g
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Tammy Evans Moore
I do NOT like this ?. Fengchen, Sese and Xaobao and now Tiantian deserve to be together and be a whole family!
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I will continue to read till y finish the book
goodnovel comment avatar
Awersome story line but to long winded and not much explain about seese whereabouts the last 3 years

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