Chapter 59 The Women That Came Back Suddenly

Jiang Sese was overjoyed to see Xiaobao so happy. This happiness, out of the blue, almost made her feel like they were a family of three.

She couldn’t help thinking of her child from her past. "He should be as big as Xiaobao is now, right?"

"How is he..."

There was a deep sadness under Jiang Sese’s eyes, and Jin Fengchen noticed that something was wrong with her emotions immediately.

"She was so happy one second ago, did she think of something sad?"

"What on earth is it? Or it could be some person that made her this way."

Jin Fengchen licked his lips without asking the question.

Jiang Sese stopped thinking about it, and after the event was over, she left with Jin Fengchen and Xiaobao.

After she changed her clothes at home, the three of them went to a restaurant to have dinner.

It was very quiet in the restaurant. Xiaobao raised his glass and proposed a toast happily. "Daddy, Mo... Aunt Sese. Here’s to the first place we got tonight, cheers!"

Jiang Sese raised her glass with a
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