Chapter 592 Working Together

Fu Jingyun couldn't stop himself from glancing at Jiang Sese's expression and found that her mind had wandered, as he expected.

A heavy gloominess masked her eyes, and her expression reflected that she was weighed down by something. Fu Jingyun involuntarily clenched his fists.

Right now, Jiang Sese's mind was filled with Xiaobao and Jin Fengchen. Xiaobao's resentful questioning continually echoed through her mind.

Asking whether she didn't want him anymore with that tone and expression.

Every time she remembered this, it felt as if her chest was filled with dust and she could barely breathe.

Jiang Sese felt like a criminal. The missing parts of her memory scared her. Had she forgotten what was most important to her?

Jiang Sese had thought that by leaving North City, she would miss Xiaobao and Jin Fengchen less. Unexpectedly, the effect turned out to be the complete opposite.

To the side, Mrs. Fu sensed that something wasn't right. Turning her head, she asked Jiang Sese, "Sese, w
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