Chapter 595 What Do You Think

Jin Fengchen had never burned with such fervor since three years ago and it was gratifying to see the flames once again rekindling with Jiang Sese's return.

Even those who followed him could not help but feel their blood surging with anticipation.

With Gu Nian personally spearheading the project, progress was swift.

The next day, people from the JS Group went to the vineyard to speak to Fu Jingyun's father, Mr. Fu Senior.

The entourage of representatives from so prestigious an organization surprised everyone in the vineyard.

After all, there was hardly anyone who had not heard of the name of the JS Group.

No one in the vineyard could understand how a simple little vineyard could have attracted the interest of such a powerful business organization.

Mr. Fu might have the highest faith and confidence in his own products and reputation, but none of that meant anything before the great prestige of the JS Group.

He immediately ushered the representatives indoors and the latter offere
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