Chapter 596 She Thought Too Much

The two of them entered the meeting room after they finished the discussion.

Jin Fengchen introduced her to the shareholders of the company, and they started to talk about the cooperation.

Jiang Sese's soft and sweet voice resounded in the room, echoed by Jin Fengchen's cold voice. It sounded unexpectedly pleasing, like a sonata.

From time to time, there would be whispers of others, which seemed to echo them.

Those voices rang one after the other. From the looks of it, the negotiation was going well.

An hour passed quickly, and the meeting was drawing to a close.

"Let's call it a day. I have no more questions, and I'll have the contract drawn up as soon as possible. At that time, I'll contact you to sign it."

With that, Jiang Sese looked at Jin Fengchen with enquiring eyes.

Jin Fengchen nodded in satisfaction after closing the file.

Jiang Sese relaxed a bit, for she was quite pleased with the outcome of the negotiation.

She went over to Jin Fengchen, who sat in the middle of
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Lina Ingle
y there are no more chapters added...its been 2 days n u hv not added to the list....
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Lina Ingle
more n more chapter's pl....its gets disconnected wen these chapter's r done ? unlock
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Mary T Mclaughlin
The writer really needs to draw story to a close as now getting unbelievable and disinteresting for reader.

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