Chapter 601 You And I Are Well Aware

Blinking his heavy eyelids, Xiaobao rubbed his flat tummy and playfully said to Jiang Sese, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

After speaking, he stared directly at Jiang Sese. His long lashes fluttering, his large grape-like pupils reflected the light and were as bright as the stars.

Accompanied by that soft and mushy voice, anyone's heart would have instantly melted and relented to giving him everything he wanted.

Jiang Sese’s heart was moved then she gazed around the ward. Apart from the fruits that Song Qingwan had brought, there was nothing else that was edible.

Song Qingwan took the initiative and said, “I’ll head downstairs to get some congee.” Jiang Sese nodded gratefully at her.

After Song Qingwan left, Jiang Sese took out the apples and pears, washed them, and carefully cut them into pieces.

“Fill your belly with some fruits, so you don’t feel so hungry,” said Jiang Sese as she helped Xiaobao sit upright on the hospital bed. She carefully moved the IV tube out of the way and used a t
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Megha Goel
More chapters please. Why is just 1 chapter is released daily??

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