Chapter 602 My Heart Will Ache

When Song Qingwan came back carrying the congee, she found that Jiang Sese was no longer there.

In the snow-white ward, only the father and son were left.

Jin Fengchen stood in front of the hospital bed, the incandescent light shining down on his brows, casting a shadow.

Somehow, the view of his back looked a little lonely. It was as if the hustle and bustle had suddenly died down and it’s lost its energy.

Xiaobao’s IV drips were almost finished. He was lying in bed, eyes closed, fully asleep.

Without Jiang Sese around, he obviously did not sleep well enough. His eyebrows frowned, as if he was having nightmares again.

“Don’t be afraid. Daddy’s here.”

Jin Fengchen gently rubbed Xiaobao’s arms, trying to comfort the sleeping child.

Both the father and son seemed to be in distress.

Song Qingwan opened the door gently and walked in. The sound of her footsteps disturbed Jin Fengchen.

She whispered, “Had Sister Sese gone home?”

Jin Fengchen got up, nodded slightly, and recollected
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