Chapter 607 She Had To Do Something

Jiang Sese looked at the handsome man in the background, and her breathing instantly froze.

Her heart was unconsciously a little panicked.

“Keep chatting, Mommy’s going to hang the laundry out.”

After giving that excuse, she hurriedly left.

Jin Fengchen saw her bolting figure, and he stopped in his tracks.

He pursed his thin lips into a straight line, and looked over pensively.


The little girl’s excited shout snapped him out of it.

Jin Fengchen looked at Tiantian’s delicate face. He could not help but smile.

He walked into frame and smiled, “Little girl, do you miss Daddy?”

“Yes!” The little girl pointed to her heart as she spoke.

Looking at her young but witty character, Jin Fengchen could only feel even more affection.

The three of them spoke for a while more. Tiantian looked behind her back and, after ensuring that Jiang Sese was not around, crawled closer to the camera.

She spoke carefully to the father and son, “Mommy has not been happy recently
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