Chapter 608 Should Not Separate Them

Thinking about it, Madam Fu quietly made a decision.

The next day, Madam Fu got up early and, without telling anyone, snuck off to the JS Building.

She waited at the door for a long while before finally, her gaze locked onto a Rolls Royce that had just arrived.

A man got out of the car, his face handsome.

In a crowd of people, he was the center of attention.

The people at the door greeted him as ‘Chairman’, before they hurried to help park the car.

From the looks of it, this man was the Jin Fengchen that her son was talking about.

Therefore, Madam Fu strode forward and reached out to block Jin Fengchen’s way.

“Mr Jin, I presume. I am Fu Jingyun’s mother. We should talk.”

Jin Fengchen frowned slightly at the sight of the Frenchwoman who suddenly rushed out.

She spoke fluent Mandarin and, after hearing Fu Jingyun’s name, his eyes turned dark.

His subordinates saw that there was someone in the way and they moved to pull Madam Fu away, but they were stopped by Jin Fe
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