Chapter 613 You Remember?

“How’s Sese doing?”

They stood on land. Fu Jingyun rushed over and looked as though he wanted to snatch Jiang Sese.

Jin Fengchen’s eyes grew cold and he reached out to push Fu Jingyun away. He roared in anger, “Don’t touch her!”

His savage red eyes looked like they were bloodshot, and a dangerous glint showed in them.

The person in his arms did not seem to be breathing. Her face was pale.

His arm that carried Jiang Sese was trembling. Only God knew how terrified he was at that moment.

At the time, his heart had only one thought: nothing could happen to Sese!

Fu Jingyun’s face turned green and pale as soon as he was pushed away.

Seeing the vision of Jin Fengchen carrying Jiang Sese disappear from his sight, he followed closely behind.

The crowd had snapped out of it and they all hastily gathered around.

Jin Fengchen carefully carried Jiang Sese into the room and placed her on the floor. He began to carry out first aid.

Jin Fengchen undid the buttons of her shirt an
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