Chapter 615 Definitely Not To Be Repeated

Everybody was helping Jiang Sese recover her memories, desperately trying to make her remember. However, they did not know that this may be a form of harm to her.

Jin Fengchen was anxious and his chest ached.

At the same time, Jiang Sese lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

Who was it that wanted her beneath the ground?

Why was her voice so familiar?

Could it be that she had offended people in the past?

This was all still unknown. She may as well take it one step at a time. There was no point in being anxious.

To the sound of Tiantian’s breathing, Jiang Sese fell asleep as well.

The next day, at the Jin household, everybody had woken up early because Jin Fengyao and the others were going back.

After they packed their things, Jin Fengchen brought them to the airport.

Madam Jin looked at Xiaobao wistfully.

“Xiaobao, Grandma is going back today. You have to be good and listen to Daddy. When your Daddy finishes his work, come back and visit Grandma.
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goodnovel comment avatar
Sorry left out the word mother in the comment above. Old Madam Jin, not Old Madam Fu is Fengyao’s mother.
goodnovel comment avatar
No! Not Madam Fu! Jin Fengyao’s is Old Madam Jin. Keep the details correct!

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